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AVAILABLE 50x60cm acrylic on canvas. Both, the beginning and the end are at the same point. Everything and nothing are at the same time...

La Sirena (The Mermaid)

100x100x1,5 cm Available. I've always been drawn to miracles and magic. One day, while choosing a canvas at the shop, I heard a little girl...

The Water Tiger

Acrylic on canvas. 50x60 cm. Available. Inspired by Chinese Year signs.. as 2022 was the year of Water Tiger.

The Bird of Paradise

2009 In private collection.

The Lighthouse

Acrylics on canvas paper A4 format. 2021 November. SOLD

The Talisman

Gel pens on paper card A4 2001 October

The Toucan

Alcohol ink ON Yupo paper A3 2021 November 20€ + P&P. Contact in person

The Sunset

Colour pencils on paper, A4 format.

The Pink feather

In privat collection.


From my collection, that was my first painting. A4 format, acrylic on wood board. Private collection.

Benamocarra, Malaga

In privat collection.

The Tropical parrots

In private collection

Happy Birthday

In private collection

Bremen, Germany

In private collection

The magic of frosty morning

In private collection

The dragonfly

In private collection

The midday

Available. Acrylics on canvas. 25,5xx35cm. 45€+ P&P

The moonlight

Available. Acrylic on canvas 22,5x 32,5 cm. 35€ + P&P

The sunset

Available. Acrylic on canvas 25,5x 35cm. 45€ + P&P